Startup Owl’s Marketing Strategy Grid

A marketing strategy integrates an organization’s marketing goals, policies, and action sequences (tactics) into a cohesive whole. The Owl’s Marketing Strategy Grid is a tool to help you do just that.

It would be good to draw your own table based on the grid below and fill in the blanks to guide your decision making about your marketing strategy. Going through the boxes in each column against the 4 ‘P’s in a formal way will help you build a coherent plan.

You are going to be running a tight budget and so ask yourself, what is the least expensive way that the strategy can be achieved at each step of the process, as you translate the strategy into an actionable marketing and then promotional plan.

Startup Owl’s Marketing Strategy Grid

  What Why When How Who
Product how customers get more in use value than they pay in cash what will drive customers to want your product and what will change what’s the moment customers will need/want it now or recurring what is it about the product that will meet need/want; what meaning who are the buyers of the product going to be, both direct and indirect
Place where will customers buy in physical space or cyberspace why will they buy in one place, rather than somewhere else will the buying place change over time/markets/demographics by what channel/where will the product get to the customer who are the influencers, the reccommenders, who are the buyers
Price what are sales prices, discounts, specials, terms
by what criteria will you set prices, what margins are needed will prices be fixed or change over time, by market, with economics who is going to determine prices (published/ negotiated) will different customers expect different prices, by volume or type
Promotion what accessible media are most effective for the channel what action do you expect to result from the promotion when is best to get customer attention: timing change in their situation where do customers get their information; how are they influenced what people, organizations or media will lead you to customers

In a small company, it is quite likely that there will not be a marketing manager. The Owl strongly recommends that the top team and any relevant external advisers all contribute to the completion of the task, so that all are committed to the output.