Tools and Techniques for Startups

Swiss Army KnifeThe Startup Owl’s Tools and Techniques offer convenient and easy-to-use ways to do a lot of those jobs that seem so difficult. They are designed to make tasks easier and quicker.

Please help yourself to them.

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Current list of tools and techniques

  1. Affinity Diagram: to make sense of what seem like a random set of data.
  2. Brainstorming: to generate ideas; it needs organizing.
  3. Business Model Planner: to figure out the rationale for your business.
  4. Business Planning Software: to save time in plan design.
  5. Business Plan Outline: to help you work on your business plan.
  6. Cause and Effect Diagram: to do just that–sometimes called a fishbone diagram.
  7. Critical Path Analysis: to help you with the tough task of project management.
  8. Customer Profiling Grid: to better describe who your customers are.
  9. Goal Tracking Tool: to monitor your progress towards your goals.
  10. Make Meaning Grid: to help you discern and define your business meaning.
  11. Marketing Strategy Grid: to make ensure you have covered all aspects of the plan.
  12. Milestones Tool: to keep track of progress and accountabilities.
  13. Mind Mapping: to record ideas, reflections or minutes in a graphic, non-linear way.
  14. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): to protect proprietary information.
  15. Promotional Media Checklist: to ensure an effective promotional mix.
  16. Startup Staffing Grid: a means of planning for the skills you’ll need and where to find them.
  17. SWOT Analysis: to catalog your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.
  18. Value Proposition Matrix: to make sure you have not missed key links in the value chain.

A useful source for startup and small business tools is at Startup Resources: check it out.