Insights for Founders

Insights for Founders is a newsletter for founders. It appears most months and covers both inspirational and practical issues that should help your thinking, whether at the idea stage of your business or in the planning stages, as well as the early life of your business.

To get an idea of the kinds of matter you can expect to read—click on the issue month and read the issue:

June 2016 This issue is devoted to the subject of the Benefit Sector and how it is financed. One article covers what it is and where to find venture capital for for-profits, nonprofits and hybrid businesses.

April 2016 This one is focused on questions for founders. Why no answers? Because founders like you deal with unanswered questions every day, and are very good at it.

  • New, New Deal?
  • Rewrite the Rules?
  • Import Substitution Opportunities?

March 2016 Founders at the forefront of social and economic innovation and their impact

  • Corporations Chisel the Commonwealth
  • Founders at the Forefront of Fertility

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January 2016 Tough ethical issues facing founders

  • Founders Can Save the Commons
  • Political Disillusion and What Founders Can Contribute
  • Student Loan Debt Delays Founders

November 2015 SEC’s new rules for Title III (crowdfunding) of the JOBS ACT and the implications for startups in the USA

  • The Crowdfunding Market
  • New Rules Widen Crowdfunding to More Companies and People
  • 12 Consequences for Entrepreneurs

October 2015 Startups delivering benefits

  • Benefit Sector
  • Benefit Enterprise
  • Benefit and Business Models

August 2015 Female entrepreneurship

  • Male on Female Founders
  • Funding & Support for Women Entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurship is Gender Neutral

July 2015 Mindfulness at work

  •  The Mindful Entrepreneur
  • Mindful Work
  • Mindfulness Guides

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June 2015 Capital funding for rural and small town startups

  • US Equity Crowdfunding Future
  • Intrastate Equity Crowdfunding
  • Community Sourced Capital
  • Mission-Driven Equity

April 2015 Rural and small town startups

  • 37 Million Rural Americans
  • Ireland’s Startups
  • Successful Entrepreneurs Tell Convincing Stories
  • The $13 Startup
  • For-Benefit Enterprise
  • Rural Biz Plan Comp Gets 65 Entries

February 2015 The need to be alert to the power of crowds

  • USA Crowdfunding Situation Report
  • Affiliation Trumps Autocracy
  • Spread Your Ideas to the Crowd
  • Crowd Communities

January 2015  The hazards of too much growth

  • New Ecology of Business: Growth Comes in Many Forms
  • Expansion or Extension?
  • The Art of Social Media

October 2014 The fuzzy business of startup strategy

  • Flat and Round
  • Hmm? or Wow! Strategy
  • Make Like Big, Stay Like Small

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August/September 2014 Enterprise growth and decline

  • Stunning Startups
  • Raise the Bridge, or Lower the Water
  • The Magic of Mentors

June/July 2014 Sustainable startup

  • Scaling Sustainably
  • A Strategy Fairy Tale
  • Startup Mentors

May 2014 Getting on with things and not putting off the startup till later

  • Press the Button: start now
  • Bricolage: get on with it!

April 2014 The practice of entrepreneurship

  • Storyboarding-a Secret Weapon for Startups
  • Income Disparity & Startups
  • Student Startups

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